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14 Unusual Love Songs for Your Valentine’s Day

8 February 2016


With Valentine’s Day coming so near, I’m feeling kinda mellowed and lovey-dovey. How could I not? Love is in the air. Love and romance themed decoration everywhere. I personally don’t celebrate it though, it just brings the hopeless romantic in me. So I gather up some songs to put into a kind of quirky love song playlist. So here it goes! the 14 unusual love songs for your Valentine’s day

1. Kiana – Again
2. Borns – Seeing Stars
3. Hanako Oku – Chokorēto
4. Payung Teduh – Mari Bercerita
5. Christina Perri – The Words
6. Rene Olstead – A Love That Will Last
7. Mina Alali – Can’t Help Falling in Love
8. Adele – All I Ask
9. Lifehouse – Falling In
10. Gnash – I Hate U I Love U
11. Eric Martin – I Love the Way You Love Me
12. Frau – Sepasang Kekasih yang Bercinta di Luar Angkasa
13. Justin Bieber – Be Alright
14. Owl City – Vanilla Twilight

All of the songs above are handpicked. They all good, or at least they all sounds good 🙂

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